CPW Reviews 2019 Goals Mid-Year

Now having passed the half-way point of 2019, the Laurens Commission of Public Works received an update on how they’re doing on accomplishing their goals for the year. At Monday evening’s July meeting of the CPW, General Manager John Young reviewed progress.

Regarding a goal of having lowest residential rate for electricity to be within 10% of the state average, Young noted the CPW’s Green Grid rate is 12.62 cents per kilowatt hour, below the state average of 13.97 cents, as reported by the department of energy.

As for the goal to have the residential rate for natural gas to be within 5% of the state average, Young noted the CPW natural gas rate is $12.23 per thousand cubic feet, compared with $27.98 per thousand cubic feet for the state average, also based on the department of energy.

John Young reported that the number of CPW customers receiving their bills electronically has grown from 766 at the end of 2018 to 925 at mid-year 2019. The goal is a 10% increase in use of e-bills during this year.

A goal of having overtime by CPW employees being 5% or less of total regular hours is apparently on track. As of June 29th, overtime was 4% of total regular hours. The goal does make exception for uncontrollable events, such as situations when storms require extra hours to get power restored.

The seventh goal is to have CPW employees miss no more than 40 hours during the year due to illness, (excluding major illnesses) and as June 29th, the average sick hours per employee is 24.

Another goal for the CPW this year relates to the Average Service Availability Index. That’s a ratio of the time service is available. The national average says utility service is available 99.5423% of the time. Young said that as of midyear, CPW services have been available 99.9999% of the time.

A goal to keep each CPW division’s spending under budget is on track. John Young said that as of mid-year, the CPW is 4.9% under budget.