Clinton Council Wants More Details on Codification

Clinton City Council is considering a project to repair or update a code of ordinances. A plan to accomplish this was discussed by council during the August meeting of City Council Monday evening. Mayor Bob McLean presented an ordinance for first reading which would authorize the City Manager and staff to work with a company called MuniCode to compile and codify the city’s ordinances. City Manager Bill Ed Cannon explained that for several years the ordinances approved by council have not been put together into a code of ordinances. The ordinances only exist within the minutes of the council meetings during which they were approved. Cannon said, “It’s a mess.”

Several council members, principally Shirley Jenkins, expressed concern. The ordinance before council, she said, spoke of amending, updating even removing ordinances or parts of ordinances with no way to know exactly what was being changed or deleted. Mr. Cannon explained that the company would simply arrange the city’s ordinances into a code book complying with the latest amendments approved by council.

Still, council was uncomfortable with proceeding. Ms. Jenkins made a motion to table the proposed ordinance until the September meeting so council members can look at the changes proposed. She told Mayor McLean that she couldn’t vote for something without a chance to see what actions were going to be taken.

Ms. Jenkins’ motion eventually passed by unanimous vote, delaying the 1st reading for one month.