Meeting Needs of Growth

To address the growing numbers or people now working in and near the Owings Industrial Park in Northern Laurens County, Laurens County is constructing a new “Emergency Services” building near the massive ZF plant.

For an overview of this new facility, we recently spoke with Laurens County Administrator Jon Caime, who explained that the new facility is designed to eventually host Fire, EMS and a Sheriff’s Station along with a Hazmet unit. He said the Laurens Delegation obtained a $900,000 grant for construction of the new facility. Since the total cost of the facility as planned would be $1.4 million, it’s being constructed to initially house most needed services with the ability to be easily expanded. For instance, it will initially have firefighting gear, but not an EMS unit.

As expressed before County Council in recent meetings, this facility is being developed to not only provide needed coverage but is designed to showcase the services the county is providing. Bays for Fire and other services have glass doors to display the equipment.

In our conversation, Mr. Caime stressed the need for this emergency services building to be attractive, saying, “We only have one time to make a good first impression.” He also spoke of how important the new industry in this area is for Laurens County, not only in providing jobs but also providing funds for county operations through Fee in Lieu of Tax agreements.

The new emergency services building at Owings Industrial Park is to house a ladder truck that has been housed at the Gray Court Fire Station. There will also be a Hazardous Waste Trailer.

County Council and the Laurens County Development Corporation are now exploring transportation needs for that part of Laurens County. The LCDC recently received some of the initial results of what the needs are on that portion of the I-385 corridor, and what’s projected into the future. They’re also working to identify potential funding sources for the work to be done in upcoming years.