CPW Geosmin Update

“We’re on the right path.” That comment from Laurens CPW General Manager John Young, as he updated the commissioners on this summer’s problem with geosmin in the water coming from Lake Rabon. While not a health issue, the taste and odor is not welcomed by water customers. Young advised the commission Monday evening that they began receiving complaints on July 2nd. He said that on July 11th an independent lab confirmed geosmin as the culprit.

John Young said that engineers determined a combination of Earth Tech and Carbon would be the most effective treatment process. A DHEC permit to implement was received July 30th. Young said that Earth Tech use began that day and early results indicate it’s removing most of the geosmin. As of Monday night, however; they were still waiting on arrival of the Carbon delivery system . John Young added, “This has been a very trying experience, but we are on the right path!”