Summer Research by PC Students

Nineteen Presbyterian College students were spending their summer months conducting research.

These included Adrianna Cody of Enoree and Sharmila Samuel of Greenville, who could be found either outside coring trees or in one of the labs of Lassiter Hall.

Cody and Samuel are working with biology professor Dr. Mike Rischbieter. They’re comparing trees on campus, in Clinton, and in Columbia to see if urbanization affects tree growth. The research experience will prove valuable as both look to go to graduate school after their upcoming senior year.

Ms Cody, who plans to be a research pharmacist, enjoys how research helps her sharpen her problem-solving skills. “Research teaches you how to adapt when you run into a wall in your research, you don’t know which way to go, or you realize that something you’ve done is incorrect.”

Ms Samuel, who has her sights set on becoming a dentist, enjoys what research offers outside the classroom. She said, “I like the one-on-one individual attention, and it’s so much different than a classroom setting because it really pushes you.” She added, “In class, you’re more focused on learning information for a test.

Cody and Samuel are two of ten students conducting research as PC Summer Fellows. These students are paid a stipend and spend eight weeks conducting a research project. All PC Summer Fellows work with a faculty mentor, like Dr. Rischieter, who is available to answer questions during the process and help guide the research.

Another nine students are conducting research as part of the South Carolina IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (SC INBRE) program. PC is one of 13 predominantly undergraduate institutions in the state that participate in the program.