Geosim Taste in Water is Gone

The Laurens Commissioners of Public Works were updated last evening on progress being made in the reduction of Geosmin in the water coming into town from Lake Rabon and other progress made in processing wastewater later discharged into the Little River, downstream from town.

CPW General Manager John Young said that the extra processes used in recent weeks treating water from Lake Rabon has removed the taste of Geosmin from water. He said the Earth Tech protocol appears to be the bgest treatment for this particular strain of Geosmin. Noting that people can detect Geosmin when it reaches between 8 and 15 nanograms per liter. The presence in processed water is now at 5 nanograms per liter. Young said they’ve been sending samples of water to a lab in Texas every Monday and that as of the past two weeks, the geosim has fallen below human detectable levels.

Progress was also reported at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on the Little River. John Young said a new screw pump has now been installed at the plant. The CPW has two of these screw pumps at the plant because one is operating 24/7 lifting waste into the treatment process. The new pump installation was completed last week.