CPW Receives Santee-Cooper Grant for Hunter Park

Ongoing development at Laurens’ Hunter Industrial Park was subject of discussion this week at the September meeting of the Laurens Commission of Public Works.

General Manager John Young advised the commissioners the CPW has made all preparations to supply utilities to the new Muffin Mam industrial bakery being constructed in Hunter. He said, “We are waiting for them to tell us when to make the final connections.”

The CPW Monday evening took action that enables an upgrade for the utility’s electrical service in Hunter Industrial Park. The commissioners unanimously approved accepting a grant of $306,600 from the Santee Cooper Municipal Site Readiness Fund. This supplies money for completing an electrical distribution loop inside Hunter Industrial Park. John Young notes that having the loop for electrical distribution allows the CPW to continue feeing electrical current inside Hunter Park from the other direction, should there be a break in the loop.