Alert Manager & Video Leads to Quick Arrest


Clinton Police were called to the Pilot Travel Center on Highway 56 at Interstate 26 around 9:30 yesterday morning. The store manager said that she had seen a man steal items from the store Sunday, saying she had a video of the man taking a kit of four pliers valued at $21.99 and an LED head lamp valued at $14.99 on Sunday.

She indicated she had seen his vehicle pulling into the store on Sunday while she was on her break. She added that she had also seen the same vehicle go into the Westchase Apartment complex. The manager said she knew who the suspect is because of a previous shoplifting incident on the 28th of August this year. Then, he allegedly took a flashlight valued at $20.

He also allegedly went into the store on the 5th, as well, and took merchandise from the store, she alleged.

Officer Adams and Sgt Harris went to the Westchase apartment complex and identified the suspect, placing him under arrest about 10:30 yesterday morning. 49-year-old John Earl Burton Jr. of 205 Carver Street, Joanna was served with three charges of Shoplifting. Two of them were Enhanced Shoplifting, noting three prior convictions of property crimes.

Cash or surety bonds were set later yesterday at $1,000 for each of the three charges. John Earl Burton Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.