Hatchet & Bat Observed in Assault

A hatchet and a bat were noted as weapons wielded in an overnight assault early yesterday. Clinton Police Sgt. Gandee and Officer Foster responded to Francis Street at 1:00 o’clock Wednesday morning. A man said that because of a prior altercation between his son and the subject, he wanted to talk with the subject. He reported that when he and his son arrived, three men ran out of the house and the subject hit him in the elbow with a hatchet, causing a minor cut. He said the subject then struck the trunk of his car with that hatchet, causing a hole in it. The man reportedly added that another of the men hit the back windshield of the vehicle with a bat, putting a hole in its right side.

The man’s son reportedly indicated he was hit in the back of his head with a blunt object and he fell on his right knee, causing an abrasion. He indicated he was unable to say which of the men hit him.

Clinton Officers were unable to get a response at a residence the men had reportedly been observed entering. Contact with the three subjects was not successful in the immediate investigation of the alleged assaults.