Laurens Police Charge 13-Year-Old Youth with October 4th Burglary

Two 13-year-old Laurens juveniles were arrested Thursday afternoon at school in connection with a home burglary last week on Friday, October 4th. Laurens Police Detective Bryant Cheek said the two are charged with 2nd Degree Burglary for allegedly breaking into a woman’s home on Dewey Street the night of October 4th, when they allegedly stole the resident’s medicine.

Officer Cheek indicated police interest with one of the youth initially began around 8:00 Friday evening during Squealin’ on the Square, when his mother reported her son was missing. Detective Cheek said as police were looking for this subject, they spotted the two youth around 10:30 that night on Pridmore Street. The youth was initially released to his mother on the square.

The second youth was wearing an ankle monitor from the Department of Juvenile Justice, due to his release from DJJ incarceration on House Arrest. His previous case reportedly involves a charge of Attempted Murder, where he and two of his brothers are accused of an assault on their Grandmother’s boyfriend. He is reportedly having to learn to walk again, while in recovery from the assault.

Checking the trail given by that ankle monitor allegedly placed this youth at Squealin’ on the Square, then on Dewey Street, making a connection with the Burglary.

In addition to the 2nd Degree Burglary charge from Friday night, that 13-year-old is also charged by DJJ with Violating his House Arrest, including for his being on the Square during the festival.

The 13-year-old youth who had reportedly gone missing from his Mom has received a second charge of Incorrigible Youth, for his alleged disappearance from his mother.

After Laurens Police arrested the two juveniles from school Thursday afternoon and charges were served, DJJ transported them to Juvenile Detention in Columbia. They were expected to spend the weekend in custody, then be brought back to Laurens Monday to face a judge on the new charges.