Assaults on Four People

Assaults on four people last Wednesday was alleged with a Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrest yesterday afternoon. 49-year-old Melissa Cape Jump of 505 Bryant Road, Pelzer was charged with four counts of 3rd Degree Assault and Battery. Warrants citing an investigation of Deputy Gonzalez alleged Ms. Jump struck one victim multiple times in and around the head causing visible injury and that she struck a 12 year old victim on the left side of his head causing irritation to his left ear. She is further accused of grabbing a four-year-old victim without her consent, causing her to hear for her safety to the point of vomiting while hiding in the bathroom. Jump is accused of striking a victim multiple times in and around the head as well as pulling her hair from her scalp. Melissa Cape Jump was held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center, awaiting a bond hearing on the four charges.