Final Approval for New Clinton Code of Ordinances

Clinton City Council gave final reading approval on a revised code of ordinances and on suspending blue laws another six months. These actions were part of two pieces of business completed at the November meeting of Clinton City Council Monday evening.

The first matter seems routine now; the semi-annual ordinance to suspend enforcement of South Carolina’s Sunday sales restrictions commonly referred to as blue laws.

Local governments are provided the authority to suspend enforcement on a temporary basis (for up to six months). Many municipal and county governments do just that, enacting an ordinance to suspend enforcement twice each year for six months each time. Clinton City Council voted unanimously Monday evening to approve a blue laws ordinance for six months. The ordinance is effective on January 1, 2020. The current ordinance suspending the enforcement of the blue laws was effective July 1, 2019 and will expire on December 31, 2019.

The second ordinance brought before council for second reading concerns the city’s code of ordinances. The city had contracted with a firm called MuniCode for the purpose of updating and maintaining all city ordinances. City Manager Bill Ed Cannon told council last month that the city’s code book was woefully out of date. Some ordinances were obsolete. Others conflicted with either other city ordinances or with South Carolina law. MuniCode has now created a concise and accurate code. The ordinance presented would formally approve the new code as the official laws of the city of Clinton. City Council approved the ordinance adopting the new code by unanimous vote.

Mr. Cannon has also advised that the new code will be added to the city’s web site so that citizens of Clinton will be able to read all the ordinances that are a part of the city’s code.