Returning Good for Evil

During yesterday’s Tribute to Robin Morse for his 44 years in Law Enforcement, Barbara Morse spoke of the almost fatal shooting of young Deputy Morse on July 21, 1975. While off-duty, Morse responded to back up a deputy at a Cross Hill house where a man going through DTs was being checked on. The man shot Robin in the stomach with a shotgun. Barbara said it took several surgeries and months of recovery before Robin went back to work. Other speakers yesterday saluted him for returning to work. Many years later, then Sheriff Ricky Chastain asked Robin to join him at the Sheriff’s Office to see some new technology being offered for testing. He told Morse it was a flashlight that doubled as a recording device. This was a ruse to get Robin to the Sheriff’s Office, where he was surprised with a large crowd gathered to present him with a Law Enforcement Purple Heart, from the 1975 shooting. Ricky Chastain said Morse never got to see a flashlight that day. Then he presented Chief Morse with a flashlight, engraved with his name.

More than one person yesterday spoke of Robin Morse having befriended the older an who had shot him, helping him with the remainder of his life. Morse addressed one aspect of that relationship. He said that he understands some folks have said that he and the older man would yell at each other during his visits. Robin said this was true, because the older man was bad about not wearing his hearing aid, which required speaking loudly for him to hear.