Child Neglect, Ill Treatment of Animals

Michael Beheler


Laurens City Police have charged two adults with Neglecting children. They and a third adult are charged with Ill Treatment of Animals. Arrests were reportedly made Monday in the cases.

31-year-old Michael Anthony Beheler and 29-year-old Shanda Leigh Miler of 1025 South Harper Street, Laurens are charged with three counts of Unlawful Neglect of Children by Legal Custodian. An investigation of Sgt. Billy Sellers is cited in allegations that they neglected three minor children Monday by failing to provide adequate living conditions. The three minor children were reportedly exposed to numerous health hazards while in the care of Mr. Beheler and Ms. Miller including a large amount of animal feces throughout the living quarters. Flea and ringworm infestations were also cited. It’s also alleged there was an overall lack of basic housekeeping at 1025 South Harper.

Mr. Beheler, Ms. Miller and 57-year-old Sherry Lorene Rodriquez of Linda Drive, Laurens are each facing four charges of Ill Treatment of Animals. Warrant allege that there were 14 canines in their direct care. Four of these dogs were reportedly found severely malnourished, leading to one of the dog’s death. Warrants allege the remaining animals were infested with fleas, ringworm and other medical ailments.


Shanda Miller

Michael Anthony Beheler and Shanda Leigh Miller remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with cash or surety bonds totaling $15,000 on the Child Neglect charges and $2,000 on the four Ill Treatment of Animal warrants. Sherry Lorene Rodriquez has been released on bonds totaling $2,000 on the Ill Treatment of Animal cases.