County Council Visits New Northern Emergency Services Building

Laurens County Council took a field trip yesterday, meeting in full as a committee at the Laurens County Emergency Services Northern Precinct Station on Old Laurens Road at the Owings Industrial Park. It was set up by County Council Chair David Pitts due to unresolved questions and concerns on the facility from the last meeting of Council. Yesterday’s meeting was held at the building to have a first-hand observation on the status of the facility and to determine how to move forward – collectively if possible.

Along with council members, representatives from the County Fire Service, the Sheriff’s Office, EMS, Emergency Dispatch and Public Works were in attendance to inspect the building and voice their requests to use a portion of the building.

Director of Public Works, Dale Satterfield, told WLBG “This is the first building where all of our emergency services will be housed under one roof. It will house sheriff, fire and EMS, and that is what makes this building unique for Laurens County. It is the first building of its kind and it will serve all the growth of Northern Laurens County.”

The building was designed with room for expansion, and of yet there is no installed sprinkler system, which is mandatory by state regulation before it’s staffed overnight with emergency service employees.

The growth of the northern part of the county was emphasized by County Administrator Jon Caime, who said that ZF Transmissions pays $2.5 Million in Fees in Lieu of Taxes, and that over 300 new homes are scheduled to constructed nearby on highway 418.

Laurens County Fire Director Greg Lindley said that his department already has the equipment ready to serve the very large ZF Facility.

Council discussed seeking funding from the state and/or federal

governments to finish out phase 2 and 3 of the Northern Emergency Services Station. Phase 2 would complete the interior office areas. Phase 3 is to add another bay for vehicles.

Council decided that at their regular December meeting they’ll consider the money needed to complete phase 1 so it can be occupied. This requires floor coverings, phone line installation and furnishings.

Administrator Jon Caime said, “Council will hopefully fund that in December, so we can get that done and the building can be occupied.  The Sheriff’s Office, Fire and EMS could then move into the building for use, maybe as soon as January or February.”

County Council will be Tuesday, December 10th for their only meeting in December. The second meeting, which would have fallen on Christmas Eve, has been cancelled.