Another Charged with Multiple Ill Treatment of Animal Charges

Derrell Morton

Laurens Police yesterday afternoon arrested a fourth person on multiple charges alleging dogs were being improperly cared for. 29-year-old Derrell Anthony Morton of 1025 South Harper Street, Laurens was charged with four counts, Ill Treatment of Animals. Warrants citing an investigation of Lt. Martin allege that Mr. Morton had approximately 14 canines in his care, four of which were severely malnourished, leading to the death of one of the dogs. The warrants state that ten other dogs were infested with fleas, ringworm, tumors and other medical ailments. The warrants cited evidence of the animal neglect at 1025 South Harper Street Monday of this week.

Three other people were arrested earlier this week and were also charged with four counts, Ill Treatment of Animals. These were a man and woman, also of 1025 South Harper and another woman of another address.

Derrell Anthony Morton was held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center, awaiting a bond hearing on his four charges.