Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Clubs Induction is Monday

Laurens County School District 55 is hosting a district-wide induction ceremony for students entering its Ladies and Gentlemen’s Clubs this coming Monday. The event, similar to the one conducted in 2016, will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 2nd. It will be held in the gymnasium at Laurens District High School. Over 100 young ladies and gentlemen will be inducted into the clubs, with new members being recognized from every school in the district.

The clubs’ founders, District 55 Superintendent Dr. Stephen G. Peters, and his wife, Dr. Angela Peters, say the clubs provide “soft-skill development and facilitate multiple pathways to success for students.” The installation of Ladies and Gentlemen’s clubs on all district campuses in 2016 has given students opportunities to experience a variety of social and cultural activities while promoting community service.

Dr. Peters says, “The key focus of the club is preparing students for life through self-awareness and exposure to cultural opportunities. The club facilitators are the mentors to these students, teaching valuable lessons on attendance, behavior, and academic achievement. We look forward to adding new members to each club and creating conditions for success in school and society.” Ladies and Gentlemen’s Clubs throughout District 55 are designed to provide a safe environment where students are given an opportunity to learn and grow.

Laurens County District 55 is the only school district in the country that has the program district-wide, rather than just in selected individual schools. It was one of the first new programs begun here after Dr. Peters was hired as District 55 School Superintendent.