Two Women Die in Fiery Car Crash

The Laurens County Coroner’s Office is continuing an investigation into the identity of two women whose badly burned bodies were found in a burned car around  1:00 O’clock Friday morning.

It’s thought that at the vehicle had left Highway 14 as if to enter I-385 northbound, but crossed a line and, instead, would have entered the northbound lanes headed south; but the car ran off the northbound exit lane and crashed into trees, overturning and catching fire.

Laurens County Deputy Coroner Robin Morse told WLBG that the fire destroyed the car to that the license plate and the metal strip containing the Vehicle Identification Number were destroyed.

He said one woman’s purse was found. While damaged by the fire, authorities were able to get information for a possible identity for one of the deceased. Morse said dental records on one of the women may result in her positive identification, but the other will have to be identified through DNA analysis.