Arson, Threats, Assault to Resist Arrest

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office served six charges on a man from Friday into Saturday morning, ranging from Arson to Assault on a Deputy.

29-year-old Collier Bruce Simmons of 20 Desirre Lane, Gray Court was arrested early Saturday morning just after midnight at the Laurens County Hospital and initially issued a ticket charging him with Disorderly Conduct.

Warrants were served later Saturday with charges including 3rd Degree Arson, Threatening the Life of a Public Employee and Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer. Simmons was also charged with Throwing Bodily Fluids of a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest. He is accused of setting fire to a large bin which contained clothes, books and bedding that belonged with a female victim. Other warrants accused Simmons of jerking away from Deputy Hampton and attempting to strike the deputy with his elbow. He’s further accused of Assaulting the Officer while Resisting Arest, allegedly kicking him on the hand and arm; and of threatening to inflict bodily harm on the deputy and of throwing bodily fluids on the officer.

Collier Bruce Simmons was released this weekend on personal recognizance bonds totaling $23,257.50.