Clinton Enters Agreement with Laurens County

Clinton City Council has approved an agreement with Laurens County regarding the cost of waste disposal. During the December meeting of Council Monday evening City Manager Bill Ed Cannon asked for council’s approval of an intergovernmental agreement with Laurens County regarding increased costs to the city of Clinton for solid waste disposal.

On January 31, 2019 a garbage transfer station near Clinton closed. It had been receiving garbage from the cities of Laurens and Clinton as well as from Laurens County’s recycling centers. It was owned by Republic Waste Management and closed when the contract between that company and Laurens County was not renewed.

Laurens County obtained s new waste disposal contract with Greenville County for use of their Twin Chimneys Landfill in southern Greenville County. While the fees for use of that landfill were much lower than for using Republic’s landfill near Cross Anchor, the problem became transportation of the garbage.

Mr. Cannon told council that instead of taking a few minutes to travel to and empty their truck at the transfer station, the trips from Clinton to Twin Chimneys were taking 3 hours or more. He said the wear and tear on a relatively new garbage truck which, not designed for 60-mile round trips, was also worrisome.

While Laurens County is about to begin construction on a new transfer station, the city of Clinton has begun hauling garbage to Republic’s landfill near Cross Anchor. While much more expensive, that landfill is considerably closer and will reduce the wear and tear on the city’s equipment.

The agreement between Clinton and Laurens County brought to city council Monday night stipulates that Laurens County will reimburse the city of Clinton $17 per ton of garbage taken to the landfill near Cross Anchor. The agreement, however, is temporary. Once the county’s new transfer station is operational, Clinton’s garbage truck will haul garbage to the station outside Laurens and the agreed upon reimbursement from the county will cease. Mr. Cannon told Council that Laurens County’s transfer station should be operating within 5 to 6 months.

After discussion, Clinton City Council unanimously voted to approve the new agreement with Laurens County.