Home Burglary Attempt & Vehicle Break-In New Clinton

A vehicle break-in an attempted home burglary near Clinton last month was alleged with a Sheriff’s Office arrest yesterday. 25-year-old Christopher James Davis of 28 Heaton Road, Clinton was charged with Burglary 1st Degree, Breaking into Motor Vehicle and Petit Larceny.  Warrants allege that during nighttime hours of November 9th Davis broke into a black Ford Excursion and attempted to break into the front door of a dwelling in the 500-address range of Little Acres Road, Clinton. He is further accused of taking away two security cameras and a speaker box with two twelve-inch speakers valued at $350. During arraignment cash or bonds were set including $50,000 on the 1st Degree Burglary charge. Christopher James Davis remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with total bonds set at $55,000.