Multiple Harassment Charges & Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Unreasonable intrusion into a victim’s life were alleged with a Laurens County Sheriff’s Office overnight arrest early yesterday morning. 35-year-old Matthew Nelson Owens of the 3,600-address-range of Indian Mound Road, Laurens was charged with 3rd Degree Domestic Violence, with four counts of 2nd Degree Harassment and with Unlawful Communication.

Mr. Owens is accused of engaging in a pattern of unreasonable intrusion into the private life of a woman by continuing to text her after repeatedly being asked not to contact her anymore. He is further accused of parking on the road in front of her driveway, causing her emotional distress on the 16th of November.

Owens is also alleged to have left a threatening voicemail threatening to kick down the victim’s door, causing her to fear for her safety and of using profane, obscene, vulgar, and indecent language repeatedly on the 27th of November.

Owens is further alleged to have engaged in a pattern of unreasonable intrusion into the private life of the woman on the 28th, 29th and 30th of November, causing the victim mental distress.

With cash or surety bonds set totaling $7,747.50 on the six charges, Matthew Nelson Owens remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.