Directed Not-Guilty Verdicts on Six Greenwood Mall Shooting Suspects

Six people charged in connection with a shooting in Greenwood’s Cross Creek Mall have been given a directed sentence of Not Guilty. Circuit Judge Brooks Goldsmith yesterday granted directed verdicts of not guilty for all six defendants. Following that verdict, Eighth Circuit Solicitor David M. Stumbo said, “We are extremely disappointed for our community that the 12 Greenwood County citizens, who have listened intently to the evidence as it has been presented over the past three weeks, were not allowed to make a decision in this case.  As my co-counsel and I argued in detail on the record in the courtroom today, there was more than sufficient evidence to send this case to the jury to decide the guilt or innocence of all six of the defendants.  Despite this decision from the Court on the mall shooting incident, we remain committed to fight relentlessly alongside law enforcement to keep this community safe.”

Greenwood Police Chief Gerald Brooks added, “Our officers worked virtually around the clock for the first several days of this investigation because our officers believe in our mission to protect the safety of this community. We are not going to be discouraged or deterred from that mission because we disagree with one ruling from one judge.”