Helicopter Positioned in Captain Kimberly Hampton Memorial Park

Captain Kimberly Hampton


A helicopter honoring the memory of Easley native Capt. Kimberly Hampton was being moved from Lockheed Martin at Donaldson Center to Captain Kimberly Hampton Memorial Park of Easley this morning, according to a report on WYFF4.com.  Hampton’s helicopter was shot down over Fallujah, Iraq in January 2004. She was the first female pilot in U.S. history to be shot down and killed as a result of hostile fire.

Kimberly Hampton ‘s military involvement began in R.O.T.C. at Presbyterian College, where she also distinguished herself in her studies and as a leader of the tennis team. She has also been posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Air Medal and Purple Heart, along with being placed in the Laurens County Hall of Heroes.

Lockheed Martin at Donaldson Center south of Greenville painted the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter in memory of Kimberly. WYFF noted that Leslie Farmer of Lockheed said, “A lot of our employees are veterans themselves. I think this story resonates with people here and they understand the true sacrifice that was made.”

This latest honor will have this helicopter on display in the park named for Captain Kimberly Hampton, in her hometown of Easley.