Man and Woman Charged in Alleged Fraudulent Sales

Katrina Kay Burns



A Laurens area man and woman have been charged for alleged involvement in multiple sales of products with intent to defraud customers. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday arrested 37-year-old Katrina Kay Burns and 38-year-old David Charles Burns Jr., both residents of the 1300-block of Old Airport Road, Laurens.

Both are charged with Criminal Conspiracy. Katrina Burns is also charged with nine counts, Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent. David Burns is also charged with Accessory Before the Fact to a Felony.

Warrants allege that Mr. and Ms. Burns unlawfully planned or schemed to accomplish the crime of Breach of Trust.





David Charles Burns Jr.


Katrina Burns is accused of selling items others – apparently mostly to other women – on various dates this year, from the 1st of September on through late October. Many of the warrants allege making sales to other women through a website, but the customer never received the product purchased. Prices noted in the warrants range from $40 up to almost $500 cost to the customer. Some warrants allege she received personal property from the customer/victim, with values received from the customer noted as valued from $40 to $250. A September 1st deal alleged she sold a counterfeit Apple airpod to someone for $40.


Both Katrina Kay Burns and David Charles Burns Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center overnight, awaiting bond hearing on their charges.