Update on Laurens County Long-Range Capital Plan

County Administrator Jon Caime presented his third edition of a long-range capital improvement plan for Laurens County at this week’s council meeting. He noted that costs keep going up and said Laurens County will need another $60 million for a ten-year plan. He said these additional funds will be mostly needed for roads and bridges. Noting funding road maintenance is a big issue, Caime indicated there’s still no idea how much will be needed for bridge repair, or how to pay for that. He said $40 million is needed now because of past failure to address this problem. Caime reminded council that Laurens County needs an increase in fees dedicated to road maintenance.

On the matter of Laurens County’s 911 Emergency Communications Center, Jon Caime noted a recent investment of $2 million for equipment upgrades, he said the county now needs to address the fact that “the 911 dispatch center is in a flood plain and is also located next to a Class One railroad.”

The county administrator concluded the long-term plan review saying, “We will have the results in January from our bridge, EMS, and 911 feasibility study.”