Council Approves Unified Bid for Transfer Station    

Laurens County Council this week decided to go with one unified process for seeking bids for constructing a new Transfer Station for residential waste. Council had voted at the last meeting for a bid to get the earth moving work done first, prior to awarding a contract for construction of the Transfer Station.

Laurens County Public Works Director Dale Satterfield addressed County Council Tuesday night, saying that more than 80% of the excavation and movement of soil will occur during construction of the building for the transfer station, so that breaking off this project into two contracts, as proposed in a previous meeting of council is not feasible.”

Satterfield said, “The building construction will take place at the same time as the backfill behind retaining walls is occurring.” He noted that as a result, “breaking this into two contracts will be a mess trying to coordinate between the two different contractors, and if the dirt contractor was to be delayed, the building construction will be stalled.” Satterfield said, therefore, that Public Works recommends moving forward with design completion and advertisement of bids when construction plans are complete.” He said, “We highly recommend bidding this as one contract.”

Council then approved receiving bidding for the entire construction project for a new Transfer Station as one project. The station, to replace a closed facility on the north side of Clinton, will be constructed at the old Laurens County landfill off the 127 Bypass, south of Laurens.