CPW Needs Current Phone Number on File

The Laurens Commission of Public Works addressed a problem their customers should be aware of during their February meeting this week.

This issue is that many customers have obsolete phone numbers still on file with the Commission. As discussed Monday night, there is concern that should the CPW staff reach a point where disconnection of a customer’s service is imminent, there may be no way to get in touch with them, if they don’t have an active phone number on record.


The members of the Laurens Commission of Public Works voted this week on a matter regarding disconnection of service. The revised policy states that the CPW will have the sole option, where a water or electric service is disconnected, of either removing the meter or the entire service, including the tap or service line.

The policy revision stipulates that if only the meter is removed, the reinstatement fee will be $200 per service. Should the tap also be removed, a new tap fee must be paid to have service restored.

The CPW policy also states that because of safety concerns, all unused natural gas lines will be removed by taking the tap. For the service to be reinstalled, the customer must pay a new natural gas tap fee.

The policy revisions took effect with the vote this week. The CPW also unanimously approved increasing the natural gas tap fee charge from $2 to $3 per linear foot of service line, in excess of the usual 200 feet.