Victim Busy Following Boyfriend’s Arrest

A jury trial was held yesterday in Laurens County General Sessions Court for a man charged with 3rd Degree Domestic Violence, alleging an assault on his live-in girlfriend May 28th of 2017 at their residence on Knighten Chapel Road, Fountain Inn.

A Laurens County 911 dispatcher read from the command log from the girlfriend’s call to 911, which was placed into evidence. It indicated the alleged victim told 911 her drunk boyfriend put his hands on her and she was scared, but stated it was not necessary to send EMS.

A Fountain Inn Police Officer who was a Laurens County Deputy at the time of the 2017 event testified that he was dispatched to the scene and found the boyfriend highly intoxicated, saying he arrested him on the 3rd Degree Domestic Violence charge.

The girlfriend and alleged victim of Domestic Violence then testified, saying she and the defendant had been together for 7 ½ years. She said they moved here together from Iowa. She said the event began on that day in May, 2017 following their arrival home from a camping trip. She indicated her boyfriend was angry. She said, “We had words, then he grabbed me around the throat and threw me against the counter. He then threw a full beer can at me and hit me in the head.”

Under questioning from defense at this point, she said that she had denied receiving medical treatment. Under further questioning from the defense, she said the boyfriend paid all the bills and that the trailer was in his name, but they had a joint bank account and she took out all the money the next day so he could not bail himself out of jail.

She also said the boyfriend had been drinking the night of the incident, but she had only had four beers.

The defense then called a neighbor, who has a trailer 50 feet from the scene of the event. She indicated she didn’t hear anything during the night of the incident. Asked what she observed the following day, while the boyfriend was in jail, the neighbor testified she saw another man at the trailer, outside in his underwear cooking on the grill around 4:00 that afternoon, and observed the two moving two truckloads of household goods, including furniture, out of the trailer.

The next witness was another neighbor who sold the defendant his trailer. She said her home is close to the defendant’s trailer, but she also didn’t hear anything the night of the incident. She said the alleged victim, the girlfriend,

came to her and asked if the trailer could be put in her name, and if she could have the boyfriend evicted. She was told no.

The girlfriend was called back to the stand and denied that her other male friend was in his underwear, but he was just in shorts with no top. She said the items she took out of the trailer belonged to her, and said she left the boyfriend his bed and dresser.

On cross examination, the girlfriend said she had changed locks on the trailer the next day because she was afraid her boyfriend would return.

Following the testimony, the jury only deliberated a few minutes before returning a “Not Guilty” verdict for the boyfriend from the May, 2017 incident.