Incendiary Device

Use of an incendiary device in an assault on a vehicle last summer was alleged with a Laurens Police arrest yesterday. 25-year-old Ethan Graham Bridges of Bentwood Drive, Inman was charged with Arson/Attempt to Burn along with Manufacture of a Destructive Device and Malicious Damage to Personal Property.

Bridges is accused of manufacturing and possessing a crude incendiary devise comprised of a glass bottle, flammable liquid and paper wick. A warrant states he used this last summer trying to set fire to another person’s motor vehicle. He reportedly lit the device and threw it at a 2003 GMC Envoy. He also allegedly threw a large piece of concrete at the same vehicle, causing a dent on the left rear lift gate and scratches on the rear bumper. This reportedly occurred on Garlington Street in Laurens on July 5th of 2019.

Ethan Graham Bridges remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning, awaiting a bond hearing.