Rotarians Updated on Special Needs Board

Laurens Rotarians received an update on programs for local residents with special needs during their weekly luncheon yesterday. Laurens County Disability and Special Needs Board Executive Director Jason Tavenner said one of the projects of 2019 added more security to the physical plant at the Magnolia Campus of the program. In addition to office facilities on Highway 14, Laurens, the board operates group homes around the county for many residents and has programming at three locations in Gray Court, Clinton and the original Evergreen Skills center near the Lauren County Airport.

Tavenner said goals for 2020 include development of a new Life-Skills program at the Evergreen Center that will teach activities of daily living.

He said the program operates under a contract with the State Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. Jason Tavenner said they offer services for people from birth through old age. Currently, 564 people are being served in Laurens County.