Seven Enter Pleas in Court Thursday

Judge Don Hocker issued sentences yesterday for seven defendants who entered guilty pleas during the fourth day for this term of General Sessions Court.

32-year-old Ronald Eugene Padgett II of 1018 East Florida Street, Clinton pled to Criminal Conspiracy and to 3rd Degree Burglary. He received five-year sentences on both, which were suspended to 72 days, then two years on probation. He’s also ordered to pay restitution for the burglary. A Simple Larceny charge was dismissed.

27-year-old Kevin Michael Nelson of the 1,500 address-range on Knighten Chapel Road, Woodruff pled to Receiving Stolen Goods valued at over $10,000. A five-year sentence was suspended to five years on probation, provided he pays restitution.

Other charges people pled guilty to yesterday included a 2nd Offense Driving under the Influence, a 3rd or subsequent offense of Driving under Suspension. Drug offenses pled to yesterday included Possession of a Controlled Substance and two people pled to Possession of Less than a Gram of Meth or Cocaine Base.