County Council Deals COVID-19 & New Plant

An economic development matter and declaration of a state of Emergency are on the agenda for a called meeting of Laurens County Council at noon this Tuesday, March 24th. The regular meeting of council that that evening was called off earlier in the week.

In announcing the meeting, County Administration advised this will not be an “in person” meeting but solely an electronic meeting due to recent Federal State and County -issued mandates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement stated a live video feed will not be available due to “all being in different locations.” Local news reporters will be admitted at the county administrative conference room.

A resolution will be presented that, if approved, will declare a State of Emergency in Laurens County.” The agenda notes this would enable potential recovery of expenses from state and federal funds. If approved, it would also provide some basic emergency powers for County Administration.

A second resolution would enable the Council, under the current circumstances, to hold electronic meeting(s) for the safety of the public, the staff and County Council. This Resolution expires in sixty (60) days, unless renewed.

A third resolution would indicate County Council is willing to assign a Fee-in-Lieu-of-Tax agreement from 2014 to another company, known as “Project Powerful.” This was an agreement with a company whose plant in Laurens County is now vacant. It will allow a new company, “Project Powerful,” to have the benefits of the Fee-in-Lieu agreement when they purchase the property. This is described as a critical action requires Council approval for this economic development matter, noting the county gains revenues and jobs without any down time in the process. The need for consent action is to allow the property transfer to take place with the incentives. The scheduled transfer of the facilities will take place prior to the April 14th meeting of Council.