Multiple Repeated Meth Charges

Allen Dorsey Howington

A resident of the Lake Greenwood Gateway area of Laurens County spent the weekend incarcerated following his arrest on multiple Meth charges last Thursday.

Investigator Staton of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested 46-year-old Allen Dorsey Howington of Sid Lee Road, Waterloo. Howington has been charged with 2nd Offense Manufacturing Methamphetamine, 2nd Offense Distribution of Methamphetamine and 2nd Office Disposal of Meth Waste. He’s also charged with Littering of up to 15 pounds.

Howington is accused of having items commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine as well as having an amount of meth that constitutes a possession with the intent to distribute on March 19th. He’s further accused of disposing methamphetamine waste and household trash. This was allegedly disposed of in a wooded area off Darkwood Drive, Waterloo.

Cash or surety bonds were set ranging from $75,000 on the Meth Manufacturing and Distribution charges to $377.50 on the littering charge. Allen Dorsey Howington remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with bonds totaling $160,377.50.