Report on Greenwood COVID-19 Case

A Greenwood woman is one of three people in Greenwood County who have tested positive with the COVID-19 virus. The Greenwood Index-Journal reports that 43-year-old Katrina Smith Davis is one of the earliest positive tests in Greenwood. The report indicates she said, “It’s scary. You look on Facebook and see people posting about the deaths.”

Davis said she had a little bit of a cough last Tuesday and thought it was because of the pollen. By Thursday, she felt much worse and her fiancé, Mitch, took her to Self Regional Medical Center, where she had a chest X-ray. A nurse practitioner there told her to take the COVID-19 test. She found out Saturday that it came back positive.

The Index-Journal report indicates she said she couldn’t believe it would happen to her because she keeps her house so clean. She and her fiancé are quarantined to their homes for 14 days. Mitch hasn’t been tested and has had no symptoms, but he’s isolated for precautionary reasons.

“I just didn’t think I would be the one who got it,” Davis said. “There were no cases in Greenwood at the time. I was sure somebody would get it, but never me.”

The report said Ms. Davis went on a cruise to the Bahamas in late February, but she noted that the Bahamas has no reported cases; so, she’s not sure where she contracted the virus, saying. “I have no idea whatsoever.”

Davis has a consistent cough and shortness of breath. She said she will treat her symptoms at home, rest and watch a lot of reruns on TV.

Greenwood County had three confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Sunday night, according to the Department of Environmental Health and Control.