Clinton Emergency Measures

Clinton City Council members gathered in a called meeting Friday and approved an ordinance regarding the COVID-19 crisis. It cites the Governor’s Executive Order declaring a State of Emergency in South Carolina and limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people as well as the President’s suggestion of no more than 10 people gathered.

It authorizes and sets standards for Electronic Meetings, where meetings may be held by telephone, video, computer or other electronic devices. It states meetings may be held without the 24-hour notice usually required by state Freedom-of-Information law.

The new Ordinance authorizes the City Manager to develop and enact a plan to ensure the delivery of government services because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The City Manager is authorized to cancel and revoke any special events permits issued prior to the Emergency Ordinance.

One provision of the ordinance states it take effect without need for the usual 2nd reading approval, so that it went into effect Friday. The ordinance further states that, unless extended, it will expire in 61 days from enactment.