Kidnapping, Assault & More Charges

Robert Torbin Driggers

Multiple charges have been served on a man the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested last weekend. 40-year-old Robert Tobin Driggers of the 1,300-address-range on Fort Lindley Road, Laurens was arrested Saturday. As of yesterday, he has now been charged with Kidnapping and Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature from alleged incidents on various dates, including last Wednesday, March 17th. He is also charged with Resisting Arrest, Trespassing, Petit Larceny and Malicious Damage to Personal Property.

From the Kidnapping and Domestic Violence charges, Mr. Driggers is accused of seizing, confining kidnapping or abducting a victim from a location on Fort Lindley Road and of assaulting her on multiple occasions. These allegedly include threatening her not to leave on March 17th while presenting a machete.

Other warrants accuse Driggers of entering property that was posted for no trespassing. He is accused of taking away a Schwinn bicycle valued at $200 and of removing stickers from the bicycle, causing scratches to its frame Friday, March 20th.

He is further accused of resisting a legal arrest by a law enforcement officer.

During arraignment, cash or surety bonds were set including $50,000 each on the Kidnapping and Domestic Violence of a High and Nature charges. Robert Tobin Driggers remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with bonds set in excess of $107,000.