Lectures on Hold, But Museum Is Online

As you may have already heard, a lecture series on the role of Laurens County in the Revolutionary War that was being hosted at the Laurens County Museum has been postponed, due to the COVID-19 virus. Also due to the virus, the subsequent field trips are being postponed until the threat abates.

Speaker, Historical Consultant and Battlefield Preservationist Durant Ashmore indicated the postponements are being taken due to the median age of the crowd being in the age group most likely to suffer the most. He added, “There’s plenty of time for us to discuss history. Let’s take a break and come back bigger and stronger when we can gather together again in the comfort of each other’s company.”

During the hiatus, the Laurens County Museum invites everyone to enjoy the content on the museum’s social platforms. They also ask you consider making a gift to set the stage for the next wave of exciting programming.