Three Resolutions During “Electronic” Meeting of County Council

Laurens County Council held its first “electronic” meeting yesterday and gave approval to all three items on the agenda. Council Chair Dr. David Pitts was joined by Council Members Brown Patterson, Kemp Yontz and Diane Anderson through phone connections.

They first approved Resolution 2020 13-C, which declares a state of emergency in Laurens County. This is to enable potential recovery of expenses from state and federal funds and will enable the county administration some basic emergency powers.

The second resolution given unanimous approval was Resolution #2020-14C which allows council to have electronic meetings, such as yesterdays for at least 60 days. This resolution can be renewed beyond its 60-day life, if desired.

The third unanimously approved resolution was Resolution 2020-15C, which is a FILOT Agreement with a company now known as “Project Powerful.”

County Attorney Sandy Cruickshanks said, “This is a very strong foreign company who plans a $7,500,000 investment by taking over a closed company, and will provide approximately 41 new jobs.” Cruickshanks noted the former company only had 6 to 12 jobs. He said the scheduled transfer of the facilities will take place prior to April 14th.

After yesterday’s electronic meeting was adjourned, Council Chair David Pitts asked County Administrator Jon Caime for an update on the progress of how Laurens County is coping with this emergency. Caime said, “There is so much to cover. It is extremely fast moving with one million moving parts, the situation is extremely fluid.” Before signing off the electronic connection with the other council members attending, council learned that as of yesterday there were still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Laurens County. Regarding the need for Corona testing, Pitts reported, “I was told that as of now, there is only on-site county testing for patients in hospital, but now a person must be referred by PRISMA to be tested in Greenville,”