Laurens City Council Approves Salary Increases

Laurens City Council last night gave first reading approval to a budget that has basically the same projected revenue as this year’s but includes a pay raise for city employees. The new budget projects revenue of $7,473,300, which is the same as this year. Expenses are projected at just slightly ahead of the current year’s expenditures. Tax rates are to remain at 123.5 mills.

Mayor Nathan Senn said, “This budget is a baseline, but we will keep our options open.” He said the salary increase may help ease employee turnover. Council member Alicia Sullivan responded, “This will help to offer a competitive salary for needed truck drivers.”  On the need for truck drivers for City Sanitation, City Administrator Gary Coleman responded, “We now have four CDL Licensed Drivers, but we will be able to train new drivers to obtain their CDL License.”

In view of the COVID-19 situation, Councilman Martin Lowry asked the mayor about the current year’s budget. Mr. Senn replied, “This year’s budget will be OK.”


Mayor Senn opened last night’s Laurens City Council Meeting announcing “Exciting news for the city.” He explained, “The dog park will open up this week, there is a new restaurant preparing to open on the square, there are two planned upgrades to the city park, and a new service station is being built near the interstate.