LCDC Approves Fund to Help Complete Emergency Services Building

Laurens County Development Corporation Executive Director Jonathan Coleman yesterday updated the LCDC Board on the new Emergency Services building at Owings Industrial Park. He noted interest in improving response times to the fast-growing portion of Northern Laurens County was heightened from an incident with a gunman in a plant several years ago. He noted a $900,000 state grant for an emergency services facility was obtained, but didn’t cover the full cost. The building is now only partially used. Jon Coleman told the LCDC Board yesterday that another $607,000 is needed to finish the building so it can be used by the Sheriff’s Office, EMS and fire for better coverage of that highly-populated area. He proposed the LCDC team-up with County Council to finish the building, with an 80-20 match. The LCDC’s 80% contribution would come from its Octagon Park Reinvestment fund and the county’s matching 20% would come for a similar fund it maintains.

With a motion from board member Stan Bryson seconded by John Young, the Laurens County Development Corporation yesterday voted to spend up to $485,000 as its 80% match to get this project finished.

Jon Coleman explained that funding source for WLBG: “All the industries in that area of the county contribute to a reinvestment fund. We feel that it’s a good use of those funds to take that portion, $485,000 and put it toward finishing that emergency services center, especially during this time with what’s going on.”

Coleman said that area of the county is one of the most densely populated areas of the county, with a daytime population comparable to Laurens, Clinton or Fountain Inn. “And so, with that many people in a few square miles, you want the emergency services that you would have in the downtown city of one of our municipalities.”

Jon Coleman advised the LCDC board yesterday that the Octagon Fund now has some $1.5 million available.