Over $18 Million in Scholarships

This past school year ended quite differently due to restrictions from the Pandemic, but Laurens District 55 High School seniors ended the year being offered over $18 million in scholarships for higher education. District 55 Administration reported the total offers for scholarships, grants, and other awards totaling $18,486,873 prior to their graduation. This is over $6 million more than what was reported for the class of 2019 at this same time last year. It represents a $14 million increase in student funding for college during the four-year tenure of Dr. Stephen G. Peters. The past Superintendent said, “I am incredibly pleased with the progress we have made in creating opportunities for students to continue their education after high school. This has remained a top priority for me and I appreciate the effort of the students and the staff at LDHS. Their dedication and commitment to the challenge is what has made this possible.” Dr. Peters had set the goal for the class of 2020 at $15 in scholarships, grants and other awards.

As of earlier this month, the scholarship report included 12 students who are Palmetto Fellows Scholars, 81 students receiving Life Scholarships, and 127 students receiving Hope Scholarships. Thirty-eight students from LDHS will attend Piedmont Technical College for two years and will receive $187,644 from the PTC Laurens County Future Scholarship. Two students will receive the USC-Union Laurens County Future Scholarship.

Dr. Peters said it’s been his honor to serve the students of District 55. He added, “The scholarships are just one measure of the progress we have made over the last four years. Looking forward, I am confident that the opportunities for our students will continue to grow.”