Virtual Academy for District 55

Creating a “Virtual Academy” for this coming school year was approved by the District 55 School Board in a called meeting Wednesday night. A unanimous vote authorizes establishing the program.

District 55 Chief of Staff Ed Murry told WLBG the Virtual Academy will have a set schedule of class meetings., with live teachers. The e-learning program that was quickly put in place earlier this year when schools had to close featured pre-prerecorded lessons. Murry said it’s important to find out as quickly as possible what students will be signed up for the Virtual Academy, since this information will help District 55 determine how much space will be available for the students attending each school in person this fall. Ed Murry noted the complex nature of matching available space from all grades in all schools with the students to be served, due to the need to ensure safe distancing for students who will be attending school in person this fall.  He said that information will be released early next week for District 55 parents to sign their students up for the Virtual Academy.

In addition to the Virtual Academy proposal, District 55 tabled votes on plans for in-school students this coming school year, giving administration time to review options after registrations for the Virtual Academy come in. Superintendent Dr. Ameca Thomas told the Trustees that District 55 will follow all safety measures in the school buildings and with school busing.