Magistrate’s Court Moves to The Ridge

With Laurens County General Sessions Court set to resume in Hillcrest Square next week, Laurens County Magistrate’s Court will be moving to The Ridge in Laurens for August. In a COVID-19 update at County Council last night, Emergency Communications Director Joey Avery noted the Magistrate’s Court move. Council unanimously approved his hiring additional temporary cleaning help, if necessary, during this process. Avery noted Laurens City Council has approved this new use for The Ridge.

Avery noted the backlog of 2,500 traffic cases in addition to next week’s General Sessions Court in making safe distancing unavailable in Hillcrest Square. He noted with General Sessions, he expects a large number of potential jurors to also be arriving at Hillcrest Square next week.

Noting that next week will be the first General Sessions Court session since the pandemic arrived here, Avery said “We will be scrutinized on how we handle things.”

Laurens County Purchasing Supervisor Billy Wilson responded to a question from Council Member Diane Anderson, saying he will be keeping a detailed account of every cent spent on this and do all he can to have the county reimbursed.

In an official announcement of the move of Magistrate’s Court to the Ridge for August, Laurens County noted  the Magistrate’s Office will be holding criminal and traffic court hearings at “The Ridge” – 301 Exchange Drive (ByPass #76), in the City of Laurens beginning Monday, August 3rd through  Monday, August 24th.

This affects anyone in violation who has a  ticket with a specified court date in August. If any of these people want to speak with the law enforcement officer that issued their citation, or if they want to present their case to the Judge, they need to attend their court hearing at “The Ridge”,  301 Exchange Drive (ByPass #76) in the City of Laurens.

Those that want to pay the fine may do so online at  following the online payment instructions, including mailing a money order or cashier’s check with your name and ticket number to PO Box 925, Laurens, South Carolina or, in person at the Magistrate’s Office collection window located at the Laurens County Courthouse at 100 Hillcrest Square.

All civil matters will still take place at Hillcrest Square.

Anyone with questions regarding their court date/time should call the Magistrate’s Office at (864) 681-0583.