PE-5 Course Expands thru PE-10 @ CHS

At a called meeting of the Laurens County School District 56 Board of Trustees held Monday at Clinton High School, trustees approved four new Physical Education courses, at least in name.

Several years ago, the board approved adding a strength and conditioning course called PE-5.  Dr. Brenda Schrantz told the trustees  Monday that some students took the course for multiple semesters, building on the techniques and training of their first course, but each additional course carried the same course code, PE-5.

Students who went on to college have voiced concern because to college officials it looks as if they had taken the exact same course several times.  Therefore, she asked the trustees to approve additional course codes for subsequent strength and conditioning training.

The District 56 School Board gave unanimous consent approval for course codes PE-6, PE-7, PE-8, PE-9 and PE-10 for students who take more than one semester of the Physical Education course.