Torturous Treatment of Two Dogs

Torturous treatment of two dogs was alleged with the arrest of a Waterloo woman yesterday. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office served 37-year-old Jennifer Howington Horne of Pemberton Street, Waterloo with two warrants alleging Ill Treatment of Animals.

She is accused of allowing a male and a female dog to suffer from a severe skin condition, without giving them proper treatment, resulting in their becoming underweight and having to endure prolonged tortuous pain and suffering from their condition. She is further accused of soaking the dogs in burnt motor oil on more than one occasion, then leaving them outdoors in temperatures above 90 degrees. The two pit-bull mix dogs were reportedly found in their poor condition July 24th at a location on Pemberton Street, Waterloo.

Jennifer Howington Horne was released from the Johnson Detention Center yesterday on personal recognizance bonds totaling $4,200.