Restricting Breathing During Assault

An assault that reportedly involved limiting the ability to breathe was alleged with a Sheriff’s Office arrest Friday. 36-year-old Rico Lawan Pulley of the 3,000-address-range on Puckett Ferry Road, Mountville was charged with 2nd Degree Assault and Battery. Mr. Pulley is accused of committing battery on a juvenile on September 5th. A warrant states that he forced the victim to the ground and restricted his airway during the commission of the assault. With a cash or surety bond on the 2nd Degree Assault and Battery charge set at $6,000, Rico Lawan Pulley remained in the Johnson Detention Center earlier this morning.

Threats to kill during an incident last month were alleged with the arrest of a man Friday. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office charged 43-year-old Ricky Allen Latimore of the 2,000-address range on Cowens Bridge Road, Gray Court with 2nd Degree Domestic Assault. He is accused of threatening to kill the victim and of taking her cell phone from her and destroying it to prevent her from calling law enforcement on August 18th. Ricky Allen Latimore was released from the Johnson Detention Center this weekend on posting a $6,000 cash or surety bond.