Planning for Five-Days in School for District 55

Yesterday we reported that School District 55 Trustees approved Superintendent Thomas’ plan to remain in Hybrid phase operations for now, with in-school attendance two days a week. This was a 5 – 2 vote, with Trustees Cathy Little and Mike Hughes voting no.

Superintendent Ameca Thomas based her recommendation on the district’s ability to properly social distance with students in the “hybrid” phase. Dr. Thomas also recommended that District 55 follow DHEC guidance for flu outbreaks in determining when to shut down a classroom or whole school in relation to the number of positive COVID-19 cases. In the event of any shut down, students would still participate in eLearning.

Thomas added, “We are awaiting the arrival of additional plexiglass ordered through the state that will allow us to increase the number of students we may safely have on campus.” Thomas recommended that 5K and first grade students will be among the first to return to full 5-day face-to-face learning by October 12th.  District 55 will add other groups of students as the district works out the logistics using plexiglass or other means to properly social distance students.

District 55 issued a further clarification yesterday, noting that students who will be going 5-days face-to-face each week will be the district’s self-contained special education students and  high school special education students who are seeking a high school credential rather than a high school diploma.