S.C. Senate & House Honor District 56 Nutrition Services

Members of the Laurens County Legislative Delegation were on hand for a special presentation during the September meeting of the Laurens County District 56 School Board this week. Representatives Mark Willis, Doug Gilliam and Stewart Jones were on hand to present framed copies of resolutions approved by the South Carolina House and Senate recognizing the efforts of District 56 Student Nutrition Director Cindy Jacobs.

Both resolutions praised Ms. Jacobs for her job in continuing to ensure that all District 56 students had the opportunity for healthy meals even when schools were suddenly closed in mid-March of this year.  The work of Nutrition Services continued into the summer months as well. By the end of July, District 56 had provided more than 600,000 meals. Some of the meals were picked up by the students or their families while others were delivered to locations around the district.

Representative Doug Gilliam read the House resolution and Representative Mark Willis read the resolution from the South Carolina Senate to those assembled for the meeting. Willis was standing in for Senator Danny Verdin, who was unable to attend as he was celebrating his wedding anniversary Monday.

Ms. Jacobs appeared to be surprised by all the attention and deflected the praise, pointing out that the Nutrition Services staff did the work.  She said the awards rightfully belonged to each employee who worked so hard to accomplish the goals of the department even after COVID19 changed all the rules.

Monday evening’s September school board meeting for District 56 was full of accolades, as we reported yesterday, with praises for work done by the entire staff to get school started with students in class five days a week, following the COVID shutdown back in March.