Concerns About Motorcycle RaceTrack

Concerns about motorcycle racing were expressed this week as six residents of Laurens County’s Green Pond Community appeared before County Council during the public comment time of council’s meeting.  Tuesday evening, the residents voiced concerns about use of a tract of land in the vicinity of Highway 101 and Green Pond Road. They noted the land is being used for motorcycle racing and that new owners who are acquiring the property who are apparently planning to continue with the racing.

Those addressing this matter spoke of noise from the site all hours of the night. Allegations from the speakers also included saying there were deceptive claims the land was being used for agriculture, which would not require a permit for grading on the site. Council was also told that with the current use of the land for motorcycle racing, water runoff from the property is increasing, causing inches of mud and water on the roadway. Council was advised this makes the roadway unsafe, especially with a dangerous curve nearby. Concern was also expressed about other runoff from the track polluting a nearby stream with oil and grease.

County Attorney, Sandy Cruickshanks agreed to hold a meeting with the residents and discuss strategy after he first checks into their complaints.